my list
my hand
gravity as law and as collaboration, spread and drip of liquid off the table
relishing the flaw, the knot, the gap, the blemish
transparency of process
the scale as my body,
my body as the bulk, the nature of bulk, the autobiography
openings a register of clayness
an attraction to the precarious, a kind of recklessness 
the complication of the surface or the glaze
rooted in the domestic, the everyday
the fascination with construction
the desire to not control the clay
an aversion to purity, a jerry-rigged aesthetic, "the now”
a caution regarding repetition
the idea of “hiding in plain sight” thank you b.nauman
refusing utility beyond the door stop or paper weight.
the quietude of clay, its muteness never fully overcome
the play between inside & out, front & back, its confusion
unpredictability of direction moving into a space
trying to catch the light going off in the refrigerator, the enigma of art